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Why we use Amazon Route 53 for DNS

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Stability and Reliability with Amazon Route 53 DNS

Without stable DNS, your software will never be reliable. DNS (Domain Name Service) is the backbone protocol that translates long, generic IP addresses to friendly, recognizable domain names. Amazon Route 53 DNS is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6. If you don't have reliable DNS, your customers won't be able to find your site when they type its address into their browser. You need a DNS solution that stays active and reliable 24/7 to ensure that your customers have access to resources all day, every day.

DNS is used both internally and externally in the Amazon ecosystem, and using Route 53 reduces much of the technical overhead.You could use your own DNS solution, but it requires technical know-how to configure records properly. You also don't have the massive reach of Amazon's global locations with basic DNS services provided by a standard provider. AWS powers world-class, high-end DNS services for your enterprise, so your servers are never unavailable due to a DNS failure. Amazon Route 53 is more than just a domain-to-IP protocol service. It also offers disaster recovery failover solutions, geo-proximity settings, latency-based routing, and domain name registration services.

One option that sets Amazon Route 53 solutions apart from other e-commerce hosting platforms is its globally present data centers. AWS data centers are available in 44 different zones and 16 geographic regions. When your entire operation relies on the stability of IT infrastructure, you want the best service available so that you never experience a 2am phone call to tell you that your site is down. With Amazon services, your site data replicates across a lightning fast backbone to each data center. When users request service from your application, the data center within closest proximity replies, making your services as fast as possible regardless of the user's location. If one data center fails, traffic can be re-routed to another to keep your business running. AWS is ideal for international businesses that can't afford even a minor blip in uptime.

With the numerous AWS centers available to you, your replicated services are protected from critical outages. AWS has several triggers and health checks to ensure that DNS is always available. If a health check detects no response or even a time-out or slow response, a CloudWatch alarm is set and a notification sent to the appropriate recipient.

With Amazon's reliability and stability, it's no wonder they are host to over one million enterprise customers. It's why SourceCode Partners chooses to support our customers on  the best cloud solution available on the web. When you host in the cloud using AWS, you leverage the largest and most trusted cloud host in the world.

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