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The MOZR web hosting platform was built to help companies bridge the gap between low cost hosting providers and hiring their own dedicated engineering team to get their website up on AWS. With MOZR, you gain the advantage of a world class engineering team building a custom platform for your e-commerce site on the AWS global infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. Our platform consists of four major components:

Dedicated Hardware

The foundation for scaling is good hardware dedicated to you. Most web hosting companies put hundreds of websites on the same hardware and charge each company a fraction of the server cost. This is great if you want to keep costs low, but it’s detrimental to your business when other sites deplete hardware resources leaving your site unable to perform. You need a host that offers hardware dedicated to your site and your site alone. Dedicated resources accelerate performance boosts and deliver long-term scaling. We leverage the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud to deliver best-in-class hardware resources devoted to your site.


Server Software

The core of your business runs on server software. You need the right environment to power productivity. Mozr leverages only the highest performance software technology available on the web. We take advantage of Amazon’s leading technology stack with a focus on WordPress and WooCommerce stability and sustainability. Mozr empowers business owners using NGINX, REDIS, ELASTICSEARCH, and AMAZON AURORA.

Caching Optimization

Optimized caching is key to website speed and scaling. Mozr incorporates multi-tier caching using a myriad of technologies. We offer asset, static page, database, OP, and object caching. Our multi-tier approach provides autonomous development and robust solutions for your business.

Tier 1 Asset Caching more
Tier 2 Static Page Caching more
Tier 3 Database Caching more
Tier 4 Op Cache more
Tier 5 Object Caching more


Code is your site’s building blocks. Just one weak block will crush site performance. Mozr prioritizes code performance and site stability using professional software development. We audit, manage, and refine your site code so no building block throttles site performance from poor development. Our team of developers streamline WordPress code and ensure only the fastest performance available.

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