iOS to Android Porting

Why Port to Android?

Many businesses already have an iOS app, but not Android. There is a mentality that an app should be released to the Apple Store first. With 85% of global mobile users on Android, these businesses are missing out. Whether your app is customer-facing or an internal operations application for your company, it is essential to have your app on Android.

Our expert team of developers is able to seamlessly create an Android app from your existing iOS app so you can capture the full mobile market by appealing to users on both operating systems.

Chances are, you might already have a mobile application for iOS. For most companies, it is a rule of thumb to release an app to the Apple Store initially. MOZR is trying to break that mentality and get businesses to focus on the Android market.

MOZR can port iOS apps to Android, freeing up your time and giving you access to the Android community.