We build robust Android Apps for awesome companies.

Experienced & Focused

Our team is razor focused on Android with a spectacular track record of delivering successful projects.

Why Outsource With MOZR?

Razor Focused on Android


85% of mobile users globally use Android. If you aren’t leveraging the most popular operating system in the world you are missing out. Talk to Us to strategize on how your company can take advantage of the Android movement.

Layered Approach To Quality


Building good software can be likened to building a pyramid. You have to start with a good foundation and build it layer by layer. Talk to Us and we’ll guide you through the process of software development making sure we are solving the right problem, with the right technology, at the right scale.

Cost Effective


It’s been said that the average in-house software engineer only writes code for two hours a day.  That is roughly $227 per hour. Talk to Us to learn how we can deliver more software at lower costs than in-house employees.

Our Mission
Our Focus

To provide the most reliable Android development services so you can focus on solving your business’ most challenging problems.


We generally work with venture backed startups and established companies with annual revenues over $10M looking to expand their impact through the Android market. Types of software we are experienced in building:


B2B and Consumer SaaS Products


Information Systems Mashups


Cross Platform Mobile Conversions


Mobile Versions of Existing Web / Desktop Software


AR / VR Gamification

We know how to scale! Whether you are expecting 200 users or 2 million, at MOZR we’re experienced at building highly scalable solutions.

Our Process



Success starts with a clear vision. We begin by gaining context and understanding of your business, your customers, and the current problems you are facing.



We suggest following the Apple New Product Process (ANPP) by making a list of everything required to make this project successful. Working together we identify the stages the project must go through and when the project is expected to be delivered.



Next we execute on the plan with a two week iteration cadence. Working daily with your team we ensure we are making measurable progress and gaining momentum.


Review & Launch

Every two weeks we meet with the executive staff who isn’t involved in the daily iteration. We demo the software so you can be assured the project is on track and it’s meeting your company’s expectations. For in-production applications we deploy the current iteration out to customers after our review meeting.



Once the software is in production we maintain a ticketing system where your team can submit issues and minor enhancements and we will work them into the two week iteration cadence. We suggest major enhancements and modifications go through a the full vision and planning process.